Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Frozen Hot Chocolate

frozen hot chocolate

Every year, I receive LOTS of hot chocolate mix from my students. It is THE perfect Christmas time gift. Although I love a good cup of hot chocolate … what I love even more is frozen hot chocolate. And if I’ve got mint chocolate hot chocolate mix on hand … I’m golden.

frozen hot chocolate4

4 packets of hot chocolate mix (whatever flavor you prefer … I LOVE mint!)

3 cups milk (I used Almond milk … just use whatever you have)

2 cups ice cubes (give or take a few cubes)

Whipped Cream (if you’ve got it)



Pour milk into blender. Then add hot chocolate mix. Turn the blender on medium speed until mix and milk are fully combined. Then add ice, one cube at a time until desired consistency is reached. Serve it up with whipped cream, chocolate syrup, mini marshmallows, chocolate shavings, etc. Whatever you’ve got! Today, drank it straight … because we didn’t have any toppings. STILL super delicious.

** Basically, you add 1 packet per cup of milk … plus ‘one to grow on’. The extra packet takes into account the ice that you’re adding. If you have 5 packets of mix, use 4 cups milk. You get the idea?

frozen hot chocolate2

Mmmmmm. MINT chocolate. My FAVORITE. So delicious.

frozen hot chocolate3


  1. Janette! I didn't know you had a cooking blog! This is so great!


    1. Thanks! I started recipe blogging years ago with some friends on another group blog. Just recently decided to start cooking more ... and I refuse to make anything that isn't super easy. So, I thought I'd share my recipes. Practically nothing is 'original', love Pinterest like that. But, still. It's fun. LOVE your furniture blog! Like, majorly love it. :D