Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Crockpot Refried Beans

Many thanks to my dear friend, Brooke, for this recipe. It changed my life. For reals. (Brooke always says ‘for reals’)

crockpot refried beans fast cheap and easy

1 32oz bag Pinto Beans
1 onion – quartered or diced
2 T - Salt
1 T - Pepper
1/4 t - Cumin
9 C Water


Combine everything in the crockpot. Cook on high ALL day (8 hours). They’ll look like this. Blend everything until smooth using an emersion blender. If you don’t have one … get out your food processor or blender. If the beans look thick at the end of the day, add a touch of water. You’ll NEVER go back to canned refried beans. I freeze the leftovers in quart sized zip seal freezer bags. Just lay them flat and freeze them like file folders. Enjoy!

crockpot refried beans


  1. I totally want to make these, but what does ALL day mean? 12 hours? sorry, Im a details person. :(

  2. Yeah. Plan on 8 hours. Just to be safe. Drain excess water off. If it needs more water, add more along the way. These aren't an exact science. But they are delicious. :)